Does the Construction Industry still work with humans or it is technology who is pushing human to run the sector with more ease and innovation? Yes, the future of this sector is all about the use of different methods of technology and how this tech is making projects innovatively big, creatively designed and more impactful. As we moving from Covid in a new normal, the construction industry is highly impacted with use of AI, 3d Printing, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Robotics & Drones, Site sensors, Wearables, BIM and lot more.

So, what is new about this sector in new normal? How is technology is impacting it and whether engineers are changing their nature and style of work, are they able to cope up with their daily challenges, is the construction becoming more advance and easier? To answers all your questions, to know recent trends, opportunities and challenges of technology in construction sector, we invite you all to attend CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT and hear the insights from industry leaders and decision makers all under one roof – the way forward to CONSTRUC TECH industry.

In this summit, we look forward to discuss following case studies around rail, road, infra, airports, urban redevelopment and recreational projects – the planning and development strategies goes around to complete them successfully and making them a landmark project!

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