T.S.S Krishnan

CEO, Appaswamy Real Estates
  • Chartered and cost accountant with 30 years of experience in the fields of hospitality, IT apart
    from Real Estate.
  • He started his career in finance and is now the Chief executive officer of the leading Real estate company - Appaswamy Real Estates, the group which from its very beginning was highly valued
    based with an emphasis on reliability, transparency, and excellent after-sales service.
  • Mr. Krishnan has established himself as a pioneer and visionary in the field of real-estate
    rendering his invaluable advice through various columns in magazines and newspapers. His
    opinion is sought on various policy matters pertaining to the field of real estate. He is widely
    respected in the Indian real estate industry for his contributions to the sector.
  • Mr. Krishnan’s sustainable strategy and planning have inspired the group to develop properties
    of impeccable quality, modernity, and excellence aimed at fostering an ever-lasting bond of
    customer relationship built on trust, confidence, and customer delight while adhering to
    principles of ethics and professionalism.